The recpetive pole that looks at the future

Eco-sustainable by vocation

Life Source’s mission is to be the best accommodation structure in Bergamo: it takes care of all its guests with discretion, offering immersive wellness experiences inspired by nature and with a low environmental impact. This is why, starting from the design to the daily management of all the activities of the Life Source, people and environmental sustainability are always at the centre.

  • Safety: this is the first value at the heart of our philosophy; never has the safety of our staff and guests been more important than in these times, and we take care of it in order to allow them to have a relaxing experience
  • Empathy: people are at the centre of our mission, which is why a smile should never be missing; it allows us to put every person we take care of at ease, from guests to colleagues
  • Team: we believe that only by combining everyone’s skills can we generate a memorable experience for both our guests and staff. That is why we care about the well-being and training of our staff and run training courses every year
  • Service: class, elegance, speed, discretion and efficiency are essential to offer each guest a unique experience.
  • Environmental sustainability: we pay attention to every detail to protect the environment in which we live.

Life Source is the first low environmental impact structure to be awarded with the prestigious Leed Gold Certification as proof of all the sustainable actions taken. Here are some key elements that determine our sustainability:

  • The glass curtain wall is able to optimise thermal insulation and provide 49dB of sound insulation from the outside
    Air conditioning control of the entire reception area ensures a pleasant temperature at all times and guarantees the elimination of bacteria, enabling 90% energy recovery
  • 14 electric car charging stations and a 70kw photovoltaic system
  • The structure collects rainwater and uses it for irrigation
  • The water pressure in all its taps is limited to 3 bar to combat wastage

The common thread running through all the pole experiences is the philosophy of feeling that places the person at the centre and makes low environmental impact hospitality that takes care of the guest in his or her entirety its mantra.

This is why Life Source takes inspiration from the 4 elements to realise the various experiences, reconnecting guests with nature in order to take the best possible care of them. Water is then a central element that welcomes guests with a digital tent and an innovative waterfall to facilitate relaxation.

The Life Source mission prompted us to create the Life Source Code of Conduct which is a summary of the most significant values, attitudes and procedures of Life Source. It is intended to be an important guide that provides an introduction to many of our policies and serves to support all of us in making the right decisions.
The full Code of Conduct is available here