Information services prevention Covid-19

Despite the extraordinary historical period we are experiencing, it is with great commitment that we have prepared to inaugurate Life Source, dealing with tenacity and responsibility the changes that the COVID-19 has made it necessary to make possible the realization and opening of the receptive pole.

We have therefore thought our spaces and our services taking into account all the necessary rules to ensure the safety and health of our guests, during each moment of their stay.

  • The body temperature is measured by automatic scanners; if a guest has a body temperature above 37.5 C is, precautionary measures will be taken to ensure the health of each, exploiting the flexibility of the structure to best meet the needs of all
  • Surgical masks, latex gloves and disinfectant gel are available to all guests in the facility

The daily cleanliness of all Life Source environments is paramount. We have strengthened the services already provided through the use of more specific and effective products in the fight against virus prevention:

  • The rooms and bathrooms are disinfected daily with care and sanitized at the departure of each guest
  • Common areas are sanitized twice a day
  • The workstations are sanitized at each shift change
  • Le Terre Restaurant, Bistrot Onda and Rooftop Atmospheres are sanitized daily
  • The Medispa and fitness area are daily sanitized
  • The heating and air conditioning systems treat sanitized air and have been equipped with additional particulate filters to ensure the best air quality

An innovative way of living hospitality: Life Source was designed during the pandemic, so all its common spaces were designed to ensure social distancing and at the same time the possibility of socializing.

In addition, the following measures have been prepared:

  • In Reception is indicated on the ground the minimum distance of one meter that guests and staff are required to respect
  • You can enjoy in your room the restaurant service with the room service, or directly in the restaurants of Life Source upon reservation; our staff will welcome you and make you sit in the dining room, where the tables are separated from each other according to current legislation
  • Private SPA and private fitness room services are available upon reservation to ensure social distancing standards

In these extraordinary times we are waiting for you with our usual hospitality, and an extra attention.